Poomuthole Malayalam Song Lyrics with Meaning | Joseph

Poomutthole nee erinja, 
vazhiyil njaan mazhayaayi peythedee.
(Dear daughter, I will rain
On the way that you burn.)
aareeraaram idaralle, 
manimutthe kanmani.
(Don't stumble,
my pearl, my eyes)

Maaratthurakkaan innolam,
thanalellaam veyilaayi kondedee.
(I will make shade in the sun,
to keep you sleeping on my chest)
maanattholam mazhavillaayu 
valarenam enmani...
(Grow upto the sky as a rainbow,
my dear.)

Aazhitthiramaala pole, 
kaatthu ninne elkkaam.
(I will wait for you,
like a deep sea wave.)
peeliccheru thooval veeshi kaattilaati neengaam.
(Lets move through the wind,
swinging your small feathers.)
kaniye iniyen kanavithalaayu nee vaa...
nidhiye matiyil puthumalaraayu vaa vaa...
(My teasure, from now, come to me like a dream
My treasure, come to my lap like a flower )

Aarum kaanaa mettile, 
thinkal neyyum koottile,
inakkuyil paatum paattin,
thaalam pakaraam.
(In a place no one can see,
In a nest made by moon,
I will give you the rhythm
in a song of a cuckoo.)

thenozhukum novine,
omal chiri noorum neertthi,
(Watching your adorable smile,
Like the honey flow
In a four o' clock flower,
I will hold you close to my heart)

Snehakkaliyotameri nin,
theeratthennum kaavalaayu,
(In a small boat of love,
Being on guard for you in the shore,)
mohakkothi vaakku thooki nin,
chaaratthennum omalaayu,
(By giving the words full of dreams,
Being with you as the dearest,)
ennennum kanne nin koottaayu,
nenchil punchiri thoovunna,
ponnomal poovurangu.
(I am with you as always,
My dear you sleep,
with a smile in the heart.)

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