Translation:Radha Gomaty(EkaRasa)

Come Friend

Shoulder to shoulder

Let's go to fight

Become Fire

Shatter the barricades.


Come...Let's be

A One Tree Forest to those who need

shade ...Let's be

upon dead & arid soil

a One Drop Shower … Let's be

on the dark path a glimmer...Let's be

Voice to those turned voiceless

 … Come!


Iron bars

can't cow down or destroy the Words

People may die but their ideals won't .

Heads may grey but never the Mind

This Body may tire but a lie

 shall not emerge  from it ever



Where there is oppression

Fists must rise

Where there is discrimination ,

Voices must rise

Where men are slaves

Rebellions must rise

Where there are fetters ,

Pick up your hammers



To live in this warfield

we've got to be heroic

Gliding above rainstorms

We must rise  like the eagles


When the hunted rise,

hands armed with knowledge

in this forest where hyenas flourish ,

Let's turn into tigers

… Come!


Like running  roots

boring rocks for water 

Clearing paths to justice

like a racing wind

Turning into Light


our fears down

Spreading... Rising


Half the sea is crossed

How much  more to go

The coast is there,a bit far though

Freedom is

for the one with Courage

Fall not ,it shall support you

Till the pain ceases

 it shall see you through

There are those who die at six

Those at hundred

But he that dies for a dream

 is a thousand times resurrected


Singer Vedan
Lyricist Vedan
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